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Selecting a nursing home is a daunting task. While there are plenty of online resources available that can help you narrow your search, the best resources are opinionated and knowledgeable humans, not searchable online directories and databases. One of the benefits of working with an elder law attorney is that you will be able to leverage that professional’s knowledge and experience, making your search for appropriate placement much more meaningful, targeted, and relevant. While I would never select a facility for you, together with my social service partners I can get you the information you need to make good decisions, taking into account the specifics of your situation and your goals for care. Ultimately, of course, the decision about which facility is best for you and your loved one is an individual one that only you can make.

Just so you can gain an understanding of the numbers and types of facilities out there, though, here are several online resources you can utilize:

Remember that while Medicare does not pay for the ongoing expenses associated with long term care in a nursing home, there are other government programs available (like Medicaid) that do. Terner Elder Law, P.L. can help you qualify for Medicaid to help pay nursing home bills.

Confronting the Ruinous Cost of Nursing Home Care?
Terner Elder Law, P.L. Can Help.

Do you need help paying for care so that you can afford to stay at home? Are you trying to figure out how to foot a $11,000 monthly nursing home bill? If you’ve heard that Medicaid can help, that’s true. If you’ve heard that it will take five years to qualify, that’s not. Learn how to improve your quality of life by securing the best possible long term care if and when it is needed, affordably.

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